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Sherri Ewing-Rahmanop

is a vibrating force of energy, tempered with purpose and love. Sherri’s self-taught culinary journey began at the tender age of eight, and rose to a

pinnacle of success when her extreme catering business was featured on National Geographic and The Outdoor Channel. Her family business served upscale meals, in pristine outdoor settings, throughout remote Alaska.

Alaska's Wild Gourmet was born from her twenty years of journaling, and began as a cookbook to leave as a legacy to her children. During filming, tragedy imploded Sherri’s world, with the suicide of her husband. She took her culinary vision on a healing journey in Mercy, her 24ft Mercedes RV. Her vision of connecting people through her food, was birthed with her “HallelujahHollerBack” program, when she asked her guests to forage and donate ingredients for a guest pass to her free meals.

Today you can find Sherri in random RV resorts throughout America and Canada, teaching cooking courses, or donating her services to people that resonate with her soul food journey. She serves people with a servant’s heart and from the abundance that her life personifies. Sherri has opened her spirit to sharing her gifts, through speaking, to people who feel the same warrior calling. She speaks in churches, in support groups, at campfire fires, or any place that she happens to coddiwomple.

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